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Stellify are a 'mobile first' company, we build, deploy and manage multi platform mobile applications and infrastructure to allow you to get real work done from a mobile device by enabling collaboration around where your data is, not where your people are or what device they happen to be using.

Our mobile first software and infrastructure deliver real-time solutions that are:
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Mobile users have high expectations coupled with short attention spans, timely content that is actionable now is essential for success in the mobile first environment.
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Being selective in the information chosen to display on a mobile device and considering any bandwidth limitations makes content easier to navigate on a small screen.
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Context Aware

Customising the mobile users experience can be achieved by delivering relevant content based on location, behaviour and orientation of the device.


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Stellify's mobile 'app' development team specialise in iOS and Android application development and can bring your mobile service to a global market, or your productivity and efficiency tool to your organisations mobile workforce. This can be as an iPhone, iPad, or Universal iOS application or, in the case of Android where there are thousands of different devices with varying screen sizes and performance specifications, we implement a scalable design that offers multi platform support.

While native languages offer performance benefits in some instances a more flexible approach to developing device agnostic applications is called for. In these circumstances we would develop in HTML5 to deliver web apps and websites that are optimised to reach a wider user base at a significantly lower cost than deploying platform specific native applications.

We will work with you to not only develop your software but will work to define and Audience Strategy, Content Strategy and Platform Strategy for the software to ensure success.

How did we end up here?

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Solutions for the mobile enterprise.

Complimenting our development capability are our solutions for Mobile First organisations. From wireless LAN's and BYOD through to mobile device, content and application management we can deploy scaleable and secure cloud managed infrastructure that will make users productive on a device of their choice.

We work predominantly in the Retail, Leisure, Education and Health sectors, but our solutions are applicable across all sectors that are looking to support mobility in the work force.

Our mobile and wireless infrastructure solutions will enable:
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Wifi &

Connect campus wide and distributed multi site wireless networks with zero touch access point provisioning from a browser based interface - ideal for for managing multi retail store environments.

Implement easy to manage guest WiFi with customisable splash pages, bandwidth limits and content filtering to allow a customised guest experience.

Deploy flexible, temporary, high performance mesh networks for indoor or outdoor events such as exhibitions, festivals and sporting occasions.
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Secure Central

Setup and manage devices for use within the enterprise automatically by integrating with Active Directory while allowing users to handle common tasks from a self service portal.

Centrally control policies based on corporate directory groups to enable continual no-touch enforcement.

Track and report on mobile related metrics and expenses, and where necessary wipe all, or just corporate, data on the device remotely.

Monitor and manage your wifi networks from your mobile device, putting Cloud management in the palm of your hand.
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Integrate headache-free BYOD networks where device specific policies are automatically deployed and personal and corporate data is kept separate and secure.

Maximise employee productivity, regardless of their location, by utilising cloud services and enhanced business processes to give a real competitive edge.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing mobile employees by having an integrated portfolio of devices, applications and resources they use.


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As a specialised and highly focussed organisation, Stellify provides personnel, knowledge and services to help leading organisations leverage their investment in mobile and networked technologies.

The way we work with clients can be summarised by the following characteristics:

As a specialised and highly focussed organisation, Stellify provides personnel, knowledge and services to help leading organisations leverage their investment in mobile and networked technologies.

The way we work with clients can be summarised by the following characteristics:

  • Strategic:
    We investigate all key stakeholder requirements - ensuring our recommendations support your business development.
  • Agile:
    We can respond quickly and work to tight deadlines - enabling you to take advantage of limited opportunities and obtain fast return on investment.
  • Adaptable:
    We provide you with resource how, when and where you need it most - saving you time and money.
  • Proven:
    We adhere to industry best practice - increasing the knowledge and value of your in-house team regarding policies, procedures and processes.


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